Camels on the beach

Back! Thought I was gonna do a short run. When I reached the beach I still felt good and decided to do the same round as two days ago. Then I even ran some more.



The sand was getting softer and softer. Sinking in deep with every step. Was I still moving? The beach was getting wider. Couldn’t spot the sea anymore. Sand dunes everywhere! Burning sun on my head. No water. I was getting slightly dizzy. The sand seemed to start spinning around me. It was like running through a tunnel.

Suddenly I saw some trees in the distance. Turned out to be palm threes. Camels where lying in the sand, chewing. Somehow that didn’t seem strange to me at the time. Some old men sitting on a carpet on the ground. They offered me tea. Hot mint tea. Very sweet. Nice. But I had to go on.

A bit further I saw this sign. Must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. I decided to turn around and ask those men for directions. Maybe I can borrow a camel… But I couldn’t find them anymore. Then all went black. Could’ve been hours. Don’t know. When I woke up the sun was setting. I crawled home. Good times.