During yesterday’s descent out of the blue a dog followed me. As there are many aggressive dogs around here I kept a close eye on it. After a while the dog passed me, but waited for me at the next corner.



This kept on going and the dog came closer to me all the time. Finally the dog was walking next to me, looking up with what seemed a happy smile. I wondered where the dog belonged, tried to convince it to go home, but she was determined to keep me company.

This went on for over an hour until we reached the first house of the village of Quincinetto. There she waited in front of the gate. A woman looked around the corner and shouted “Thats my dog!

Turned out the dog had run away in the morning and they hadn’t been able to find it anywhere. The woman had been crying all day. Now she was extremely happy, just like the dog – Pallina – which was tired like a dog and fell asleep immediatly. It totally made up for the bad weather and the missed out summits.