2,000+ Godeanu Mountains

Peaks over 2,000 meter in the Godeanu Mountains, Carpathians, Romania, Europe

This list contains 15 peaks over 2,000 meter in the Godeanu Mountains.

#Peak Range Area Height
2Vf. GuguGodeanu BergenKarpaten2,291m
3Vf. MoraruGodeanu BergenKarpaten2,284m
4Vf. BulzuluiGodeanu BergenKarpaten2,245m
5Vf. GodeanuGodeanu BergenKarpaten2,229m
6Vf. GalbenaGodeanu BergenKarpaten2,194m
7Vf. DosuluiGodeanu BergenKarpaten2,158m
8Vf. Borascu MareGodeanu BergenKarpaten2,158m
9Vf. ScurteleGodeanu BergenKarpaten2,149m
10Vf. PaltinaGodeanu BergenKarpaten2,149m
#Peak Range Area Height
11Vf. Borascu MicGodeanu BergenKarpaten2,116m
12Vf. ScurtuGodeanu BergenKarpaten2,090m
13Vf. GardomanuGodeanu BergenKarpaten2,077m
14NedeiaGodeanu BergenKarpaten2,038m
15Vf. BranuGodeanu BergenKarpaten2,026m