Scandic Hotels

Scandic Hotels
Route of Arctic Bike 2015 with Scandic Hotels

Route of Arctic Bike 2015 with Scandic Hotels

Scandic Hotels in Helsingborg, Sundsvall, Skellefteå, Luleå, Karasjok, Honningsvåg, Alta, Kiruna, Narvik, Trondheim & Kristiansand offer rooms and breakfast

The Scandic Hotels are a perfect break from sleeping in the tent. These stops are crucial to keep moral high. A hot shower, a good meal and an excellent night keep me going.

Also, I can charge all batteries, fix gear when needed, and there will be time for interviews and posting updates on social media.

 Scandic Helsingborg Nord

boriskrielen Byebye Scandic Helsingborg Nord, thnx very much for the warm welcome! Wet snow greets me as I start towards Sundsvall. #arcticbike2015

Scandic Helsingborg Nord

[km 1000, day 9]

After the first 1000 km and 9 days of biking in the cold it will be incredibly good to arrive at Scandic Helsingborg Nord in Sweden and be able to shower, have a good meal and have a good night sleep, to be ready for the next part of the trip!

“Explore Helsingborg from the Scandic Helsingborg Nord hotel, just 5 km from the city centre and local attractions. Dine in Berga Bistro while the children enjoy the playroom, or unwind in the sauna, pool and gym. Explore local attractions like the outdoor theatre, Fredriksdalsteatern, or take a trip to Helsingör.”

Scandic Sundsvall Nord

[km 2000, day 19]

Again 1000 km further up my route I’ll reach another safe haven at Sundvall. It’s the first hotel where I also stayed in the winter of 1995, so it will be extra nice to be there!

“Stay at the modern Scandic Sundsvall Nord hotel, just 3 km from Sundsvall city centre. Sundsvall attractions including shopping and museums. Climb Norra Stadsberget for great views or visit Folkets Park. Midlanda Airport is just 20 minutes’ drive away.”

Scandic Sundsvall Nord

boriskrielen Finally arrived at Scandic Sundsvall Nord! #arcticbike2015

Scandic Sundsvall Nord

boriskrielen Great night sleep at the Scandic Sundsvall Nord but I woke up with the feeling of a fever. Guess last days were a bit too much. Breakfast was very good. Coffee now. Nothing happens without coffee. It’s snowing as forecasted, -9°C (windchill -17°C) with light blizzard conditions. #arcticbike2015

Scandic Skellefteå

[km 2190, day 23]

After almost 2200 km and 23 days on the bike it will be great to receive a warm welcome at Scandic Skellefteå! And I’ll need a good rest as the following day I’ll have to bike 135 km to the next location in Luleå.

“Skellefteå is a city which enjoys a location close to spectacular nature. If being active is what you enjoy, then Skelleftea offers you the chance to go skiing or play a round of golf, just 90 km from the city. Our hotel in Skelleftea, Scandic Skellefteå, has a central location and is just 5 minutes’ walk from the city centre, where you can visit such attractions as the Skelleftea Museum and shopping at Citykompaniet.”

Scandic Luleå

[km 2325, day 24]

Luleå is the perfect location to prepair myself and the bike for the toughest part of the expedition through northern Finland and Norway to the North Cape. Here I’ll have time to recover, wash my clothes, visit the town of Luleå (I didn’t see anything of it last time), and of course do an interview with some local media. 

“Lulea is situated in the northern part of Sweden, and is a city where nature, history, culture and sport all come together. Visit the House of Technology, one of the most popular attractions in Norrbotten county. Our hotel in Lulea, Scandic Luleå, is located a few kilometres from the city centre. It is possible to borrow a bicycle from our reception to conveniently discover the city centre or explore Lulea harbour.”

Scandic Karasjok

[km 3070, day 32]

Karasjok is at the end of the long remote strech of road through northern Finland, just across the border of Norway. It will be great to have a safe & warm place to take a rest!

“Scandic Karasjok, located in central Karasjok, is a modern hotel with strong elements of Lapp culture and characteristic architecture in the heart of Finnmark. Karasjok has a lot to offer with exciting activities and adventures. It is home to the indigenous Sami people. You can experience their rich culture and traditions by visiting some of their most important institutions that are located here. The landscape and surrounding countryside can only be described as remarkable with a fantastic spectrum of colours. Under the right conditions you might even see the Northern Lights dancing over the winter skies.”

Scandic Bryggen in Honningsvåg

[km 3370, day 35]

Honningsvåg is located at only 35 km from the North Cape on the island Mageroya. when I reach the North Cape I’m still not even half way, but it’s a super important turning point. From that point I’ll head south again, back to the sun! A well deserved restday will be spent at the Scandic Bryggen hotel in Honningsvåg.

“Hotel Bryggen is a cosy and charming hotel, located by the Honningsvåg port giving you a beautiful view of the sea. We are located just 35 km from the North Cape, the northernmost tip of Europe, and recommend a visit there. Even the journey itself, through some of the most scenic landscape in the world, is an experience you shouldn’t miss. For the adventurous, why not go on a king crab or bird safari or go fishing. If you are lucky and under the right conditions, you might see the Northern Lights across the sky.”

Scandic Alta

[km 3542, day 39]

Alta is the first town south of Honningsvåg, directly after the high plains. A great location to take a rest and to prepare for the climb of Halti, just 2 days biking south of Alta.

“Our hotel is located in central Alta – the gateway to the Finnmark region – perfect for business and leisure. At hotel Alta you can combine an arctic experience with a modern and comfortable hotel stay. The hotel has its own entrance to Nordlysbadet with several swimming pools, a climbing wall, children’s pool and much more, a great activity for the entire family. The Northern Lights Cathedral is just next door and should not be missed. In winter we recommend a visit to the Sorrisniva igloo hotel, an amazing creation, recreated every winter.”

Scandic Ferrum in Kiruna

[km 4158, day 48]

Kiruna is the nearest town to the highest mountain of Sweden, Kebnekaise, though still 60 km away. It will be great to prepare my climb at Scandic Ferrum in Kiruna. The Mommas Steakhouse at the hotel will be an excellent opportunity to bank on energy!

“A beautiful forest landscape awaits you at Scandic Ferrum, 60 km from Kebnekaise mountain and 1.5 km from the Kiruna ski slopes. Kiruna’s sights are right on your doorstep when you stay at Scandic Ferrum. Borrow a scooter at our hotel, go skiing, hiking or shopping in Kiruna’s central areas. Take the opportunity to experience a snowmobile ride in Jukkasjarvi and visit the ICEHOTEL. There is so much to do when you stay at hotel Scandic Ferrum.”

Scandic Narvik

[km 4373, day 53]

Narvik is a good point to rest from climbing Kebnekaise and get fit again for the long road down to Trondheim.

“Scandic Narvik is the city’s most modern hotel. The hotel is one of the tallest buildings in northern Norway and has an exciting exterior of sloping glass supported by two towers. Our hotel has 16 floors and offers a stunning view of central Narvik, the Ofotfjorden and the surrounding mountains. Narvik has a perfect location in northern Norway’s arctic landscape, surrounded by beautiful scenery with mountains and fjords that characterize the area. Lofoten, Vesterålen, Troms and northern Sweden are close by and easy to get to, making Narvik a great choice for a short weekend break or a longer adventure holiday.”

Scandic Bakklandet in Trondheim

[km 5238, day 62]

Trondheim in the middle of Norway is the perfect place to take a break after the long road down from Narvik and to prepare for the mountains in the south of Norway, where I will attempt to climb Galdhøpiggen (2469m), the highest peak of Norway.

“Scandic Bakklandet hotel is centrally located in the heart of Trondheim along the river Nidelven by Bakke Bro. The harbour, bus and train station are within walking distance. Our hotel strikes a fine balance between elegance and rusticity, with a great deal of warmth and a charming atmosphere. The ideal location makes the hotel the perfect choice for discovering Trondheim and the sights such as the famous Gothic Cathedral, Nidarosdomen the old wharves on the Nidelven river, the Old Town Bridge or the concert hall Olavshallen to name a few.”

Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda

[km 6288, day 75]

Kristiansand is the last town on my route through Norway. From there I will take the ferry to Hirtshals in Denmark and finally bike the last 1000 km back home. It’s a great place to say goodbye to the cold of Norway and have a good night rest for the last leg of the expedition.

“Our new hotel in Kristiansand, Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda, is the largest hotel in the city and also in Southern Norway. The hotel opened in June 2013. Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda is located on ‘Bystranda’, Kristiansand’s city beach. Only a couple of minutes by foot from the hotel you find the town’s main street. From the hotel you have an idyllic view across the Norwegian skerries, from the hotel rooms as well as the restaurant.”