Arctic Bike 2020

Sponsorkaart van Arctic Bike 2020

7,500 km by MTB to the North Cape

15 January 2015 Boris Krielen will set off again on an epic journey to the Arctic. During the coldest and darkest period of the year he plans to bike 7,500 km from the Netherlands to the North Cape in Norway, and back.


I’ll start biking in The Hague in the Netherlands. Via Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland I’ll bike to the northernmost point of the route – the North Cape in Norway. On the way back I’ll bike through Norway, Denmark and Germany to The Hague.

Route van Arctic Bike 2019

Route van Arctic Bike 2020


My goal is to cover all 7,500 km of the route by mountainbike, a BULLS Copperhead 3 with Schwalbe spiked tires. Only a few short water crossings are done by ferry.

The MTB has a small trailer to carry all the necessary biking and camping equipment. Most nights I’ll sleep in a tent. I’ll cook my meals on a gas stove. Most food will be purchased locally.

At regular intervals – about once a week – indoor stops are planned to shower, wash clothes, recharge batteries, and recover in a normal bed.

During my earlier Arctic expeditions several Scandic Hotels have generously invited me to stay with them. Hopefully they’ll do that again next time! I’ve learned that these stops are crucial to boost moral. Also these stops are perfect opportunities to arrange interviews and post updates on social media.

Sponsors & donors

Of course I’m investing a lot of my time, energy and money in this event. But I also hope to raise part of the needed funds by crowdfunding.

Will you support my expedition?
Everything helps! 

Donate € 10 or more and receive this special sponsor card from the North Cape!


Sponsorkaart van Arctic Bike 2020

What does your contribution mean?

After each item (in parentheses) it says how many are needed for the whole trip.

  • € 5  breakfast (85x)
  • € 10  freeze dried meal (25x)
  • € 11 gas canister (15x)
  • € 12 road map (4x)
  • € 15 hot meal (75x)
  • € 20 10 GB mobile data (5x)
  • € 30 ferry (4x)
  • € 50  night in a hotel (15x)
  • € 75 winter bike pants (1x)
  • € 100 bibshort (2x)
  • € 150 winter bike shoes (1x)
  • € 500 mummy sleeping bag (1x)

Feel free to contact me to discuss other opportunities for cooperation!

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Extreme performances require the best of knowledge, equipment and preparation.
For Arctic Bike 2020 I’m looking for sponsors for:

Bike tires

Bike tires
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