Silva Alba Windwatch

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It measures windspeed, temperature and calculates windchill.

Silva Alba Windwatch

Silva Alba Windwatch®

The unique hand-held weather station SILVA ALBA WINDWATCH®, made in Switzerland, is a multi-functional instrument which is designed for outdoor people including; trekkers, paragliders, skiers, golfers, sailors, airfield ground crews, balloonists, hang-gliders, windsurfers, fire-brigades and military units. It is an essential instrument for field studies, crop spraying, engineers, crane operators, skyscraper window-cleaners, hobby meteorologists and many others.

Two precision sensors/transducers:

  1. The patented highly sensitive pressure sensor fitted in the patented battery cover gives; current Barometric pressure (QNH=reduced barometric pressure at sea level), Barometric pressure over the last16 hours (trend) and information about current Altitude
  2. The patented highly sensitive impeller gives; Current, Peak and Average of The Peak wind speed, and Average wind speed over a selected period. While not in use the wind sensor impeller is fully protected by a simple twist of the casing – a unique feature!