North Cape 1993

Arctic Bike 1993: 4,000 km by MTB to the North Cape, Norway

December 1993 – January 1994 Boris Krielen biked solo by MTB from The Netherlands to the (symbolic) northernmost point of Europe, the North Cape in Norway.

Frozen feet and spectacular light shows, screaming wind and endless forests, meters high icycles and slippery descents.

Short story about this expedition

Map with the route from Veghel to the North Cape
via Germany, Denmark, Norway

The route

The route starts on the marketplace in Veghel, crossing the German border close to Oldenzaal, via Bremen, left around Hamburg, then straight north to Denmark. From Hirtshals, almost the northernmost point of Denmark by ferry to Kristiansand in Norway. There the route goes inland for a while, followed by a transfer by train, and on along the coast. From Fauske the route continues via Narvik – where the Northern Polar Circle is crossed – to Alta, via Honningvag across the isle of Mageroya to Skarsvag. The final 13 km are done by snow scooter. January 8, 2004 Boris reached the monument on the North Cape.



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