Bolivia 2001

6 x 6,000 in Bolivia

2 climbers… 4 weeks… 6 mountains… total elevation 37,998 meter… That’s the crazy challenge Ramon and Boris wanted to go for. No expedition follows it’s plan exactly, but this one became an absurd collection of unbelievable circumstances and a bizar amount of bad luck.

How a challenge becomes an exhausting adventure…

Farmers violently blocking roads all over the country; early cancelled summit attempts because of illness, fever, throat infection and never ending coughs; sleep disturbing sandstorms; 100 km/h wind just 150 meter below the summit… and worse.

Thoughts prior to departure…

“It’s Wednesday evening, July 4 now, almost midnight. Like with every trip, there is still a lot to do, no matter how early you start with your preparations. I have four boxes with equipment and a backpack in my living room. Together, it is more than 34 kilograms. Everything seems to be ready. But one question remains: Did I really pack everything? Like I always say: the question is not if you have forgotten something, but the question is what you have forgotten. We will soon know.”

“Our flight schedule has been changed, one day before departure. Now, we will depart 3 hours later and we will arrive 12 hours later than planned in Santa Cruz de Bolivia. That will now be at 1 o’clock in the night. Not very pleasant. But these things happen! An expedition is always different than planned. The weather seems to be great. At 3,500 meters, it is -7°C during the night and about +25°C during the day. That looks good! We are ready, and we really want to start climbing!”


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