Ancohuma (6,427m)

The Ancohuma is 6,427 high, making it the highest mountain in the Illampu group and the second highest in the Cordillera Real. The Ancohuma is situated in the area north west of La Paz. The fist ascent was done by a German expedition in 1915.

For a long time, Ancohuma was considered to be the highest mountain in Bolivia. Some people calculated the height of the mountain to 7,014 meters! That would make it the only 7,000 meter mountain outside the Himalayas. After more accurate measurement, it turned out that Aconcagua still owns the title (highest mountain outside the Himalayas).

The route

The Ancohuma shares its base camp with the Illampu. Our route is a straightforward one, just 650 meters up a 60 degree steep ice wall.

Ancohuma Westwand

Ancohuma West face