Elbrus 2000

Elbrus (5,642m), Caucasus, Russia

Seven Summits, Europe

July 2000 Peter-Arjen, Boris and Ramon left for Elbrus, Russia. The Dutch Elbrus Expedition started more chaotic then planned, because Peter-Arjen stepped with his foot in a needle the evening before departure. The needle needed to be removed surgical and the foot stitched.

Dutch Elbrus Expedition 2000, an adventure in Russia!

At Schiphol airport it appeared we could only take 5 kg handluggage instead of the 10 kg told formerly. After some diplomatic conversation we could take everything without being charged. Interested in the rest of the story in Russia? You will find it in the travelstory (in Dutch only).

Location & map

Elbrus is the highest mountain of Europe, Russia and the Caucasus. Mount Elbrus is situated in southwest Russia, close to the Georgian border. Often people forget that the Caucasus mountain area is also European and think Mont Blanc is the highest mountain. The Mont Blanc is “only” the highest mountain in the Alps. In the seven summits project (climbing all highest mountains of each continent) the European goal is the Elbrus.