About Ice-X

Information about the Ice-X Foundation

December 21th 2000 the Ice-X Foundation was formed by Peter-Arjen Boers, Ramon Sijmons and Boris Krielen. The foundation is a platform for the organisation of a wide variety of projects with eye for environment and society.

Ice-X 18 years

Ice-X: Outdoor activities with eye for environment and society

‘Ice-X’ stands for Ice Axe, the standard tool for climbing, but also for Ice Expedition, expeditions to high mountains or polar ice.

We will not chain ourselves to trees during climbing. But we do take care of the environment. For instance we take out all equipment after climbing a peak. Leave nothing but a trace in the snow. We also promote this philosophy in our lectures and workshops.

Ice-X logo

Ice-X logo,
design and ©
Boris Krielen

Formal goal of Ice-X

The formal goal of Ice-X Foundation is to organise and support projects and research, to gather, manage and share knowledge, aimed at outdoor sports in general and climbing sports in particular. This with the emphasis on the environment and climbing etiquette. We practise clean climbing.

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