Biking for CliniClowns

A project by Ice-X

With our Iceland expedition in February 2004 we collected money for CliniClowns. We’re going to bike around Iceland and sell all 800 kilometers of our route. One kilometer only costs 1 euro!


We’re happy with every sold kilometer, and so is CliniClowns! All donors are listed on the donor page. Buy 25 kilometer or more and receive a special certificate of participation!

With our expedition to Iceland we collected 1.660 euro for CliniClowns. Take a look at the list of donors. Thank you very much all donors!


clinibannerBy linking our expeditions to social goals, we give them a wider, social value. This way the expeditions become multipurpose projects. With the first projects we support the Dutch CliniClowns Foundation. With the expedition on Iceland we gather money for CliniClowns. This time the project gets the nam “Biking for CliniClows”. A cause that is surely worth our effort!


Biking for CliniClowns is a project by the Ice-X Foundation. CliniClowns Nederland has given her approval for this project, but is in no way responsible for the execution of the expedition or the project.