Terms & conditions


  1.  Use your own name as your username, without spaces.
  2. Usernames are not allowed to be names of companies, organisations, foundations, etc.
  3. Usernames are not allowed to be misleading or ambiguous.


  1. Your name and climbed summits will be shown publicly on this website.
  2. You will only add peaks you really summited.*

* To summit or not to summit, that is the question…

  • You’ve climbed a peak when you’ve reached the highest point. Reaching the summit cross does not mean you climbed the peak, unless it is really on the highest point of the mountain. Arguments like “the last meters are too dangerous” are not a valid excuse to claim the summit.
  • When you reach a summit twice on the same tour, on the way up to the main or other summit and again on the way down, but in between you didn’t descend and ascent again, then it counts as only 1 summit.

In case of doubt contact Ice-X via the contactform or via Facebook.


The information you fill in on this website will only be used by Ice-X to show on your profile page and on overview pages of climbers and peaks. You have full control over this data by means of profile. The data is stored in our database. The data will never be shared with or sold to third parties. At any given moment you can ask us which data Ice-X has about you, or request to delete all data about you.