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Lists of climbers and climbed peaks

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Latest 10 summits by Ice-X

Jbel ToubkalMA4,167m07-02-2017Boris
Mont BlancFR4,810m19-08-2016Boris
Mont Blanc Petit BosseFR4,547m19-08-2016Boris
Mont Blanc Grande BosseFR4,513m19-08-2016Boris
Dôme du GoûterFR4,304m19-08-2016Boris
Dôme du Goûter W-ridge summitFR4,155m19-08-2016Boris
Piton des Italiens4,003m19-08-2016Boris
Gran ParadisoCH4,061m15-08-2016Boris
Aiguille the BionnassayFR4,052m11-07-2016Boris, Helmut Risse
BalmenhornCH4,167m01-07-2016Boris, Mark, Marcel, Marco

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Boris Krielen Ramon Sijmons Peter-Arjen Boers Frank Haagsma

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