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New! Short stories & blog by Ice-X climbers

Short stories by Ice-X

sunset at Vernissage Berghaus
Monday 31 August 2009, Alps, Switzerland

It's already late when I walk between the huge stone blocks on the northwest flank of the Mittaghorn. The sun still feels warm on my skin. Far below the valley with the village of Saas-Fee is in the shade by now, but I walk high above it all. Read more »

shuddering forest in Sweden
Monday, 20 March 1995, Sweden,
Dutch North Cape Expedition 1995

Sven van Asperen and Boris Krielen are travelling 3.200 kilometers from the Netherlands to the North Cape in Norway. By mountain bike. With heavy carts filled with food, fuel and gear. In wintertime. Read more »

epic on Piz Julier
Piz Julier (3.380m), solo, 14 May 2011

I was heaving coffee on the Julier pass in Switserland when suddenly - it must have been the sun and the altitude - I got the idea to do a flash climb of the Piz Julier (3.380m). From below the route looked mostly clear of snow. First 600 meters were gone in less than an hour. Then I decided to take a shortcut... Read more »