Dutch Everest 2004: Leave your klompen at home

Who could blame them? The wooden clogs might be great for fording the dikes, but won’t hack it on Everest. Dutchman Werner de Jong will be leading the team on this fall’s North Side attempt. Last year there were only two Everest expeditions in the fall, Berg’s South Side and Stephen Koch’s snowboard effort on the North. Both teams, especially Stephens, encountered problems with deep snow. This doesn’t seem to faze Dutch expedition leader, Werner, who is determined as ever and is rather looking forward to having the mountain to themselves – he’s expecting 3 or 4 teams to be on the North this year; a throwback to the yesteryears of Everest.

Datum: 16 juli 2004 Bron: MountEverest.net Auteur: ExWeb

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